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About Me

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The above phrase is a constant reminder (for me) of all the things I am conscious about being ignorant. As James Clerk Maxwell says,

Thoroughly conscious ignorance is the prelude to every real advance in science.

I believe that by unveiling our ignorance on igonorance, we make the first step towards realizing knowledge. And to me, this is the cardinal aspect of my existence. To make efforts in gathering knowledge, I turn towards Physics, Mathematics and Philosophy.

Short Version #

I’m enrolled to Masters in Physics program at Ruprecht Karl Universit├Ąt Heidelberg. My primary interests that I wish to explore are

  • Concept of Time,
  • Quantum Gravity,
  • Philosophy of Physics,
  • Lattice Field Theory.

I am categorized as INTP in MBTI Personality Index. Infer what you will of this information.

Long Version #

will post soon