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DIY HPC Grid Cluster: Part 1
·7 mins
Physics Computers DIY Grid Computing Cluster Theoretical Physics Simulations Parallel Computing with OpenMP and MPI Supercomputer on a Budget Repurposing Used Hardware for HPC Linux Cluster with OpenSUSE Leap Slurm Workload Manager Theoretical Physics Research
Why Mac Studio Is the Cheapest Hardware
·3 mins
Computers Apple Server Technology Linux
Will AI Takeover Our Jobs?
·5 mins
Musings ChatGPT Industrial-Revolution Leonardo-da-Vinci Steam-Engines Creative-Writing Skill-Set Ignorance
Multiverse Hypothesis
·11 mins
Physics Philosophy Gravity Modified-Gravity Quantum-Physics Many-Worlds-Interpretation Multiverse-Hypothesis Anthropic-Principle Ockham-Razor Alternative-theories Simulation-hypothesis Non-realist-interpretations ChatGPT