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Summary and Thoughts on Foundation
Video Essay Reviews Book-Review Isaac Asimov Foundation series science fiction novels Psychohistory Galactic Empire book summary literary analysis sci-fi literature epic saga political intrigue science fiction fandom character exploration speculative fiction classic sci-fi Asimov's legacy science fiction books literature review Foundation series discussion
MATLAB in Linux Server: An Attempt Part 1
Video Essay MATLAB in the Cloud Cloud Computing License-Free MATLAB Hosting Cloud Solutions MATLAB Projects Cloud Migration Cost-Effective Hosting MATLAB Licensing Cloud Deployment Cloud Services MATLAB Cloud Integration Cloud Benefits MATLAB Programming Cloud Efficiency MATLAB Applications Cloud Tutorial
Role of Faith in Scientific Community: A Foundation Perspective
Video Essay Science and Faith Isaac Asimov Foundation Novels Role of Faith in Science Scientific Community Psychohistory Faith and Reason Scientific Inquiry Knowledge and Discovery Mindset of Scientists Societal Evolution Interplay between Faith and Reason Faith as a Driving Force Exploration of Beliefs Science Fiction Literature
Why Mac Studio Is the Cheapest Hardware
·3 mins
Computers Apple Server Technology Linux
Will AI Takeover Our Jobs?
·5 mins
Musings ChatGPT Industrial-Revolution Leonardo-da-Vinci Steam-Engines Creative-Writing Skill-Set Ignorance
Multiverse Hypothesis
·11 mins
Physics Philosophy Gravity Modified-Gravity Quantum-Physics Many-Worlds-Interpretation Multiverse-Hypothesis Anthropic-Principle Ockham-Razor Alternative-theories Simulation-hypothesis Non-realist-interpretations ChatGPT


Continuity of the Memory as Personal Identity
·7 mins
Musings Personal Identity Ship of Theseus Cyberpunk 2077 Memory Continuity Consciousness Ethics Technology Identity-Alteration
Problems With Testimony
·10 mins
Musings Epistemology" Authority The-Wheel-of-Time Knowledge Diplomacy Communication
Srimad Bhagavatam Cosmology(SBC) Under a Possible Scientific Scrutiny
·4 mins
Musings Srimad-Bhagavatam Cosmology Scientific-Method
The Cardinality of a Set and The Peano's Axioms
·3 mins
Mathematics Musings Counting Peano Nature-of-Mathematics