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Will AI Takeover Our Jobs?
·5 mins
Musings ChatGPT Industrial-Revolution Leonardo-da-Vinci Steam-Engines Creative-Writing Skill-Set Ignorance


Continuity of the Memory as Personal Identity
·7 mins
Musings Personal Identity Ship of Theseus Cyberpunk 2077 Memory Continuity Consciousness Ethics Technology Identity-Alteration
Problems With Testimony
·10 mins
Musings Epistemology" Authority The-Wheel-of-Time Knowledge Diplomacy Communication
Srimad Bhagavatam Cosmology(SBC) Under a Possible Scientific Scrutiny
·4 mins
Musings Srimad-Bhagavatam Cosmology Scientific-Method
The Cardinality of a Set and The Peano's Axioms
·3 mins
Mathematics Musings Counting Peano Nature-of-Mathematics
Requirements of a Formal System: A Thought
·3 mins
Musings Mathematics formal-system Gödel's Proof Kurt Gödel self-evident tautology
Pañcabheda: The Five-Fold Difference in the Epistemology of Ānanda Tīrtha
·1 min
Musings pañcabheda five-fold difference Epistemology" Ānanda-Tīrtha Madhvacarya
Ingeniously Decipher the Concept of Illusions With Srila Madhvacarya
·2 mins
Musings Epistemology" Ānanda-Tīrtha Madhvacarya Illusion
Limits of Embodied Spirit
·3 mins
Musings Yamunacarya Manifestation Time Space Thoughts Limits Embodied Spirit


God Does Not Play Dice
·4 mins
Physics Musings Einstein Reflections Chance Probability