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Summary and Thoughts on Foundation
Video Essay Reviews Book-Review Isaac Asimov Foundation series science fiction novels Psychohistory Galactic Empire book summary literary analysis sci-fi literature epic saga political intrigue science fiction fandom character exploration speculative fiction classic sci-fi Asimov's legacy science fiction books literature review Foundation series discussion


📹 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
·10 mins
Reviews Media-Review Witchcraft Fantasy Occult-Sciences Metaphysics Void Good-and-Evil
📙 Midnight Library: a Factual Fiction
·4 mins
Reviews Book-Review Multiverse Fiction Death


📙 Flatland: Romance of Many Dimensions
·4 mins
Reviews Book-Review Dimensions Fictional-Space
Similarities Between the Worldviews of Matrix, Inception, and Caitanya's Philosophy
·4 mins
Musings Reviews Media-Review Philosophical-Similarities Metaphysical-Thoughts Matrix-Inception-Comparison Philosophical-Movies Matrix-Inception-Philosophy Caitanya-as-a-Philosopher Mind Reality Simulation