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Numbers' Mysterious Existence

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Verse Numbers Truth Mathematician

Warning! This article is one among many salvaged from my previous blog! It is not on par with my demands of quality but I didn’t feel like abandoning it. Please don’t disappoint me by becoming fond of this.

Numbers, Numbers,
In All Quarters,
But None Wise,
To Get a Glimpse

For Numbers Speaketh
The Gospel Truth
that divulge the Heart’s hunger
of thy paramour

He masquerades
behind the veil
Of the Numbers that discloses
the Greatest Mathematician to prevail

Following in the footsteps of Srila Yamunacarya, I pray:

kim caisa sakty-atisayena ne te’nukampyah
stota’pi tu stuti-krtena parisramena
tatra sramastu sulabho mama manda-buddheh
ity-udyamo’yam uctio mama cabja-netra
O lotus-eyed Lord, this poet does not expect to earn Your mercy by a display of powerful eloquence. His intelligence is dull and these prayers were composed with great labor.(Sri Stotra Ratna Verse 9)