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WaveGuide Mode Visualizer
·5 mins
Physics Electrodynamics Visualization Simulation Computation
📙 Midnight Library: a Factual Fiction
·4 mins
Reviews Book-Review Multiverse Fiction Death
An Analogy to Dive Deep Into the Nature of Time
·13 mins
Physics Featured Time Initial-Conditions Cellular Automata Lee-Smolin Causal-Sets John-Conway Game-of-Life
What Do You Choose to Be?
·1 min
Verse Choice Nature Philosopher Hands-On


What Is Momentum?
·4 mins
Physics Momentum Origins Conservation-of-Energy
Can Light Cast Its Own Shadow?
·3 mins
Physics QFT Light Electrodynamics
MOND: A Gentle Introduction
·10 mins
Physics Gravity MOND Dark-Matter
On McTaggart's Unreality of Time
·4 mins
Philosophy Time Reality McTaggart
God Does Not Play Dice
·4 mins
Physics Musings Einstein Reflections Chance Probability
📙 Flatland: Romance of Many Dimensions
·4 mins
Reviews Book-Review Dimensions Fictional-Space