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Requirements of a Formal System: A Thought
·3 mins
Musings Mathematics formal-system Gödel's Proof Kurt Gödel self-evident tautology
Unspoken Section of Quantum Mechanics
·7 mins
Physics Philosophy Quantum-Physics
Numbers' Mysterious Existence
·1 min
Verse Numbers Truth Mathematician
Hyper-V Is Underrated
·9 mins
Computers Virtualization Virtual-Machines Operating-Systems Linux
Pañcabheda: The Five-Fold Difference in the Epistemology of Ānanda Tīrtha
·1 min
Musings pañcabheda five-fold difference Epistemology" Ānanda-Tīrtha Madhvacarya
Ingeniously Decipher the Concept of Illusions With Srila Madhvacarya
·2 mins
Musings Epistemology" Ānanda-Tīrtha Madhvacarya Illusion
Is Emergence Fundamental?
·3 mins
Philosophy Emergence
Revisiting Fibonacci Sequence
·4 mins
Mathematics Computers Fibonacci Computing
Calculus to Linear Algebra
·4 mins
Mathematics Calculus Linear-Algebra Matrix
Limits of Embodied Spirit
·3 mins
Musings Yamunacarya Manifestation Time Space Thoughts Limits Embodied Spirit